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The Results Your Company Deserves

When your company needs a team of specialists with an extensive background in environmental compliance and permitting, the highly skilled team at CS2 Inc., provides innovative and creative solutions, and has a reputation of providing excellent service with high quality deliverables, cost saving solutions, and on-time and within budget projects while maintaining an exemplary safety record. Stop guessing your way through environmental compliance and permitting and work with a company that understands this process better than anyone in the industry.

Our Team Understands Your Facility

>CS2 Inc.'s engineers and scientists started their careers working inside plants and commercial hazardous waste incineration facilities as environmental compliance managers, facility operations engineers, and technical process superintendents.

CS2 Inc. Has An Invaluable And Extensive RCRA Library

Hard Copies of Federal Registers Dating Back to 1980 | Guidance Documents Dating Back to 1980 | Responses to Comments on Rules Dating Back to 1980 | EPA Regulatory Interpretive Letters and Memos Dating Back to 1980 | Author of EPA RCRA Hotline Q&As | Training Materials | Compliance Tools and Checklists

Industrial Factory

Assessing Environmental Compliance and
Recommending Solutions

CS2 Inc. has extensive knowledge and experience in implementing Federal and State regulations applicable to industrial facilities. These regulations subject many of the industrial facilities to strict environmental compliance and permitting. The CS2 Inc. team has the experience to assess the environmental compliance needs of our clients and recommend innovative and creative solutions.

Experience Makes a Difference

The CS2 Inc. team has many years of experience in facility compliance, completing permit applications, emission testing and reporting, hazardous waste management, training programs, audits, and assessments for facilities nationwide. Our knowledge in environmental permitting has demonstrated superior results from agency negotiations, interactions, and permit applications. CS2 Inc.'s additional environmental compliance services include:

All-Inclusive Environmental Team for Facilities | On-Site Facility Compliance Coordination | On-Site Compliance and Operations Training | RCRA Library Resources | RCRA Hotline | HWC MACT Hotline | CEMS/CMS Hotline

Cost-Saving Solutions and High-Quality Deliverables


Environmental Compliance
and Permitting with CS2 Inc.

RCRA hazardous waste management, industrial solid waste management, air pollution emission standards management, CEMS/CMS standards management, and wastewater and stormwater discharge standards can be a difficult and expensive process for any facility.  With the resources and experienced staff at CS2 Inc., you get a highly skilled team who provide the best environmental compliance and permitting solutions for their customers nationwide.


Manage Your Environmental Compliance With Mobile Solutions

Companies operating in today's dynamic economic environment need a customizable solution that is accurate and automated.
When manual paper systems can no longer provide the flexibility
you need, our team provides an advanced solution that fits your compliance requirements.