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About Us

A Record of Excellence and Experience

CS2 Inc. is comprised of engineers and scientists having many years of experience in the hazardous waste and chemical industries.  CS2 Inc. is well known for facility operations, air pollutant emission, CEMS/CMS, industrial solid waste management, RCRA hazardous waste management, and wastewater and stormwater discharge. Their experience ranges from multi-media auditing to process engineering to hands-on facility operations.

Major Skill Sets That Organizations Can Depend On

The CS2 Inc. staff has a unique skill set of environmental, engineering, operations, and energy expertise with our senior chemical engineers, process chemists, and environmental specialists. Our engineers and chemists have operated chemical facilities and commercial hazardous waste facilities nationwide. 

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Quality Assurance

This company has an established program to assure each of its employees is qualified to provide the services assigned at the required level of quality. We have an established quality assurance program to assure satisfactory quality levels are in fact being delivered. Our group is dedicated to continuously and efficiently improving our service quality through the application of current technology, the hiring and retention of highly qualified personnel, the development and communication of improved procedures, and the improvement of training and mentoring programs.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Through this continuous and relentless pursuit of excellence, CS2 Inc. will continue to deliver environmental compliance services of the highest quality to meet, and hopefully exceed, the expectations of our customers.

Customer Testimonials

“CS2 has been our single source provider for waste management compliance support since 2010. We are a mid-size chemical manufacturing company with only limited resources so CS2 has been invaluable for us on all levels including turn-key services in our RCRA permit renewal process and in our HWC MACT compliance programs for both our new and existing hazardous waste boilers (from CPT through FOC !). The quality of their work, meticulous attention to detail and customer service has done more than just help us meet our compliance needs. Our partnership with them has improved our environmental department's compliance programs, knowledge, performance and efficiency. There are even examples of how CS2 has helped us to reduce costs. We have a long partnership with CS2 and I can't imagine doing without them.

Karen Scott, Ph.D.
Environmental Manager
OXEA Corporation

"I hire multiple environmental consulting firms, based on their expertise. CS2 Inc. is the most dependable consultant I use. I can always count on the highest quality work being delivered on time and on budget. They are always looking out for our interests operationally, legally, and fiscally.”

Tim Roberts
Environmental Engineer
Mallinckrodt Inc.

"After a thorough evaluation of prospective consulting firms, the GlaxoSmithKline Environmental Health and Safety Department and Engineering agreed to select CS2 Inc. to provide consultation on the MACT standard and the EPA Risk Burn Protocols to meet the interim MACT standards. CS2 Inc. provided the Compliance Performance Test Plan and all of the related plans to meet the 40 CFR 63 NESHAP Interim Standards for Hazardous Waste Combustors requirements for transition from RCRA to MACT regulation. CS2 Inc. designed the CPT performance test and Risk Burn Protocols as well as supervised the execution of the tests. The whole process took nearly a year to complete, from planning to interpretation of results into permit requirements for the facility."

"Throughout the transition process, CS2 Inc. constantly demonstrated detailed knowledge of the regulations and potential impact of the application of the regulations in the operating permits or conditions as well as excellent interface with the regulatory agencies at State and Federal levels. The staff was professional, timely and efficient in all aspects of the project and often provided the impetus to keep the project on schedule. Communications were courteous, documentation was complete, organized and concise, budgeting was timely and within scope, deliverables were of superior quality, and consultations for guidance demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hazardous waste combustion industry, and participation in the implementation of the MACT regulations."

Michael Geary
Environmental Engineer

Online Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to CS2 Inc. This Online Privacy Policy explains that CS2 Inc. hereby agrees to maintain in privacy and withhold in confidentiality any personal information that we collect and use when you visit our websites and social media sites or pages, as well as any interactions you may have while viewing content provided through one of our advertising campaigns. CS2 Inc. further agrees that we will not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 18 without parental consent. CS2 Inc. will maintain the privacy of your name, location, contact information, etc. and will NOT disclose such information to any third parties for any purposes whatsoever, unless required to comply with law, legal process, litigation, and/or government authorities. If you have any questions or concerns about our Online Privacy Policy, please contact us at cs2inc@cs2inc.com.