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Customizable Mobile Solution Applications to fit our Clients’ Needs

Mobile solutions are customizable applications to fit our clients’ needs.  Mobile solutions allow our clients to replace manual paper systems with enterprise systems that yield significant cost savings with efficient, accurate, quality, and automated compliance. CS2 Inc. offers our most advanced process and technology knowledge to accomplish this goal and streamline our clients’ compliance.

An Advanced Approach to a Timeless Obligation

Our innovative approach allows for real-time management of field operations, while improving data integrity. It also integrates a multimedia aspect into your field operations for improved reporting. Our mobile solution is customizable for just about any type of environmental compliance requirement and eliminates the need for logs and documents.

Solution Support

Mobile solution support allows CS2 Inc.’s client’s the ability to implement a solution package on the client’s hardware if required.   This solution package can be hosted either at a client’s site or corporate server and maintained through a centralized database.  The mobile solution support also offers compliance tool training for both the hardware and software.  Maintenance contracts are available to update tools as necessary and a rapid response service is offered for the equipment.

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